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Projects: National Civil War Museum

National Civil War Museum


The National Civil War Museum is a permanent, nonprofit educational institution created to promote the preservation of material culture and sources of information directly relevant to the American Civil War of 1861-1865. The museum also promotes Civil War Veteran service organizations relating to the aftermath of the war including the Grand Army of the Republic, United Confederate Veterans and the Daughters of the Confederacy to 1920.

The museum, a $38.5 million project that traces the history of the Civil War, is constructed of columnar brick and is situated atop the highest point Harrisburg in the 92 acre Reservoir Park. The two-story, 65,000 square foot main structure contains an estimated 27,000 square feet of exhibit space, a museum shop, a cafeteria and two multi-purpose rooms for meetings and private functions.

Entering through the main doors, the 2-story main hall is the start of your Civil War history experience. The grand staircase surrounds a mahogany wall with the gold letters of The National Civil War Museum. The staircase is the showpiece of the main hall and the first thing you notice when you enter the building.

Outside, railings outline the brick footpath known as the Walk of Valor. The walk curves around the museum and has sections for every state and territory that took part in the Civil War. Bricks can be purchased and set in the Walk.

The Project

Conrad enterprises, inc. bid to create the railings for the grand staircase and second floor overlook, the railings surrounding the Walk of Valor, outside stair surrounding the grounds that leads to parking and safety railings at the service entrance.

Project Challenge

Although many fabricators looked at the project, Conrad won the bid because they were the only fabricator that could complete the difficult task of curving the stainless steel railings in the main hall.

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