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Projects: The Box Truck Incident

The Box Truck Incident


A box truck, trying to make a quick U-turn, smashed into a Conrad enterprises constructed overhang situated in front of a local funeral home. The truck was traveling at 35 mph when it hit the structure. Thankfully there were no serious injuries. When crews arrived to assess the damage the front wheels of the truck were off the ground and the bumper was sitting in the parking lot.

The best news of all is that the steel beam held. If the beam had failed, the entire structure would have needed to be replaced.

The Project

Conrad enterprises, inc. fabricated a new 36-foot steel beam to replace the damaged structural beam. First, Conrad had to remove the facing wood around the damaged beam. Then, a crew added new support so that the old beam could be removed. The old beam was then cut out and removed. Then the new beam was installed. Once again, Conrad proves that great customer service rules the day. Conrad wins the battle of the Box Truck v. Conrad Steel!

Project Challenge

Conrad coordinated the project so that there was as little disruption to the small business as possible. The project was both economical and efficient as Conrad coordinated the construction, inspection and the work of the contractor completing the job in half of a day.