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Projects: Beach House Gets Spiral Staircase

Beach House Gets Spiral Staircase


During a remodeling project at a New Jersey beach resort, an area of attic of a shore home was discovered as unused. Although the area would provide much needed extra space to the home, there was not an obvious point of access to the space.

The Project

It was decided to pursue the possibility of adding a staircase to the unit. With the help of Conrad engineering and drafting services, a plan was devised and executed to add a spiral staircase to access the new area of the home. Although other plans were investigated, including adding an external staircase to the home, the spiral stairs proved to be the most economical and efficient. The completed stairs add access to the new space and blend nicely into the existing design of the shore home.

Project Challenge

The challenge on this project was to complete the job quickly, as summer was approaching, and within the budget of the client. Conrad was up to the challenge.